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Safe haven
The ever essential , yet elegant,security barrier between bedrooms and living areas.
Internal Security Shutter
Style & security
Internal Security Shutter
Recessed guides and a bulkhead to hide the curtain roll, giving a seamless finish to ones security.
Serving Hatch Shutter
An elegant way to close an opening.
Internal Security Shutter
Getting involved at construction means we can hide the curtain roll in the ceiling. Manual over-ride handle visible... very important to have when we have loadshedding.
Garage Doors
Style & function!
Serving Hatch Shutter
Manual shutter used in rural hospital for security. Getting involved at construction phase.
Serving Hatch Shutters
Manual serving hatch shutters from the view of customer. Building still under construction.
Serving Hatch Shutters
Inside view , showing the manual over-ride eyes and handle.
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