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Vertical Fire Curtain

Fire Curtains

A Flexible Approach to Compartmentation

At the heart of fire safety lies a concept called compartmentation. This strategy involves sectioning a building into fire-resistant compartments. These compartments act as barriers, preventing flames, smoke, and scorching gases from spreading throughout the structure. By containing a fire within a designated area, compartmentation minimizes damage and ensures safe evacuation paths for occupants.

Fire curtains offer an alternative approach to traditional compartmentation methods like non-loadbearing walls, ceilings, doors and windows. They can be used to create separate compartments or establish protected escape routes. Furthermore, fire curtains provide a level of flexibility in fire safety plans, allowing for adaptable compartmentation.

Horizontal Fire Curtains

Active fire curtains offer a unique advantage: their adaptability. Unlike fixed fire walls or doors, these curtains can be customized to fit any building configuration, even irregular or non-standard openings. This makes them ideal for modern architecture with open floor plans or unique design elements.

Horizontal Fire Curtain
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