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External Security Aluminium Roller Shutters

Exterior Roller Shutters

Enhancing Security and Comfort

Aluminum roller shutters offer a blend of security, insulation, and aesthetic appeal, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties. Their durable aluminum construction provides protection against intruders and harsh weather conditions, while also offering noise reduction and energy efficiency benefits. Available in a range of colors and finishes, aluminum roller shutters can be customized to complement any architectural style. Their smooth operation, whether manual or motorized, adds convenience and ease of use. Overall, aluminum roller shutters are a versatile and practical solution for enhancing security and comfort in any building.

Internal Security Aluminium Roller Shutter

Interior Roller Shutters

Custom Roller Shutters for Any Space

We seamlessly integrate our roller shutters into your home, ensuring they enhance your design, comfort, and available space. Our custom-built shutters are tailored to fit passageways, landings, serving hatches, or any area you need to close off. Additionally, we offer internal fitting for sliding doors and windows, providing comprehensive security and insulation solutions.

Punched Slat, External Security  Window Roller Shutters, Recessed

Roller Shutter Slats

Unmatched Variety of Slat Profiles

Our extensive range of slat profiles enables us to manufacture shutters up to 8m wide, ensuring a perfect fit for your space. Choose from extruded double-walled profiles in 40mm, 45mm, 61mm, 77mm, and 95mm sizes, along with a single-skin 78mm profile. Additionally, we provide extruded punched and microperforated profiles, as well as a selection of roll-formed [foam-filled] profiles, giving you a wide array of options to suit your specific needs.

Aluminium Roller Shutter Garage doors

Roller Shutter
Garage Doors

Optimizing Vehicle Spaces

Experience all the advantages of roller shutters for your vehicles, including superior thermal insulation, weather protection, security, and space-saving features. Our shutters are designed to optimize space, and when fitted to the exterior, they can even accommodate your car's tow bar, providing you with additional space and convenience.

Recessed, Built In Security Aluminium Roller Shutter

Installing the
Roller Shutter

Craftsmanship That Exceeds Expectations

Explore a range of fixing and fitting options tailored to your needs. Our team collaborates closely with your design team to ensure the most discreet installation possible. Choose from built-in, recessed, semi-recessed, bulkhead, or simple add-on options to seamlessly integrate roller shutters into your space.

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