Exterior Roller Shutters

Adding visible security to your home

Our Roller Shutters are neat and compact, and don't need track rails on the floor, thus avoiding trip hazards and space issues with stacking. Low-maintenance and anti corrosion make them perfect for your home security. Patios, doorways or window shutters - we will custom build and install to suit your requirements.


Interior Roller Shutters

Bringing added security and comfort to your home

We can install inside your home without taking away from your design, comfort or space.  

We custom build our roller shutters to fit passageways, landings, serving hatches or wherever you may need to close off. Sliding doors and windows can also have roller shutters fitted internally.


Roller Shutter Slats

Widest Range of Slat Profiles

Our comprehensive slat profile range allows us to manufacture up to 8m wide. Profiles available include extruded double walled in 40mm, 45mm, 61mm, 77mm and 95mm, with a single skin 78mm profile. We also proudly offer extruded punched and microperforated profiles as well as various roll-formed [foam-filled] profiles. 


Roller Shutter
Garage Doors

The stylish alternative 

All the benefits of the roller shutter for your vehicles- thermal insulation, weather protection, security and space saving. Even more space is created when you fit the shutter to the exterior allowing for your cars tow bar to fit. 


Installing the
Roller Shutter

We only offer superior workmanship

There are various fixing and fitting options available. We will work closely with your design team to ensure the most discreet type of installation. Options include built-in, recessed, semi-recessed, bulkhead or simple add-on.